Sandra Fein

CEO and Founder of Reinvention By Design, Life Transition Expert, Coach, Trainer, Speaker

About Me

I am passionate about supporting and inspiring women who expected one thing in life, but then got thrown a curveball, something not anticipated or wanted. I help women turn the challenges associated with life changes and transitions into opportunities for personal and professional growth.

In the course of a successful decades long career in healthcare management, college and corporate education, master trainer, and business coach, I found myself confronting a curveball head on. Within a 3-month period my 23-year-old son and my 50-year-old brother were both diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Life, as I knew it, would never be the same. After slipping into a deep dark hole, digging my way out in order to deal with the uncertainty of the next chapter of my life was no easy task. It was from that “in the trenches digging, sorrow and pain” that I was able to reinvent myself by design, with a renewed sense of direction, purpose and passion.

During my life I have experienced multiple successful reinventions on my journey from the bedside to the boardroom. From caring for the critically ill to consulting community psychologist and serving as administrative director of one of the nation’s largest rural hospice program, to VP of a national healthcare consulting firm, from teaching at the college level to director of corporate education and training, to Certified Professional Coach, Master Trainer and Speaker, hence the name of my business, Reinvention By Design. It's now my turn to pay it forward.

I help my clients get out of their own way, in order to gain clarity, to learn how to become resilient, get to the core of what's holding them back, break free from their fears, self doubts, and negative self talk so that small changes in their words, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors achieve remarkable results.

What makes me unique and relatable is my willingness to acknowledge that I too, am a work in progress. I am certain that “my best is yet to come!”

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