Sandra Barroso

BESA Construction Consult

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I'm a Cuban American woman, my parents migrated to U.S. in the 1960's.
My father was a foreman welder for 40+ years. He worked very hard in this country to support our family. My mother was a school teacher in Cuba, but was never able to pursue her career in the states because of the language barrier and also for caring for my brother who was mentally challenged. When my dad retired that's when my mother saw the opportunity to go back to school. She received her Bachelor's degree at the age of 70 in music from Kean University. She is now a piano teacher and I cold not be any more proud. So, I always tell people it's never too late to follow your dreams.
I have worn many hats in my careers, but I believe I finally found a path that will help other's that may have a language barrier, and are in the construction industry to not miss out on opportunities for work. Being in the construction industry I have encountered many small construction companies that get turned away from big development companies because they do not know how to submit proper construction documentations. Contractors loose thousands of dollars monthly by not submitting change orders to these big companies. They end of working for them for free which is why they get richer. Hand shakes don't work anymore. The meaning to BESA are the initials of my dad's name, mom brother and myself by age order. That's where the name BESA Construction Consult strive from and my family gives me strength.

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