Samaria Williams

Financial Development Manager dedicated to excellence.

About Me

My name is Samaria Williams. My professional title is Financial Development Manager at Books & Balance, LLC.

I began my journey, over 10 years ago, as a bookkeeper at The Law Office of Harris & Associates, LLC. This is an office that primarily specialized in real estate. I began to facilitate the bulk of my knowledge while employed there. This was an office that specialized in various legal matters. My responsibilities have included, but have not been limited to, handling accounts payable and receivable, auditing, reconciling monthly accounts, posting details of business transactions, as well as maintaining ledgers, spreadsheets and databases. Over the years, I have been able to fine tune my skills which have resulted in my becoming an exceptional bookkeeper with a plethora of skills and abilities.

I am a motivated self-starter with a passion for excellence. My skill set includes strong leadership skills, attention to detail, along with the ability to quickly adapt to learning new skills and responsibilities. I possess a fecund ability to execute dictated instructions. I efficiently and effectively complete assigned tasks and use creative ways to streamline processes, thus creating a more productive work flow. I can confidently access situations and handle them in the most accurate manner deemed necessary.

My passion for excellence and desire to succeed would make me a welcomed asset to your organization. Should you have any questions or desire an experienced bookkeeper, please feel free to contact me directly at 404.907.0011.

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