Ruth Garcia-Corrales

Women's Business Center Director

About Me

I currently work for an initiative of the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles, called the Business Source Center. The program supports the development of entrepreneurial ideas: starting a business and actually making it work. In addition, I am a counselor to existing businesses, helping their management overcome obstacles and increase growth. My office has a budget of approximately 3 million dollars, which we distribute in the form of small business loans.

I have been managing and developing several programs and departments at the Curacao (latin american department store) public relations & community affairs department.

Current programs include:

* Tutoring for second graders, where children work to improve their language and math skills through the Learn to Read-Read to Learn initiative
* Creative Hub - in the children's area of each store, offering free "make and take" art projects for kids under 12, including loyalty programs for families in Curacao's neighborhood
* Carrier Day for fifth graders
* Fundraising for a cause, with new cause and relationship marketing platforms

After my appointment to the position of Consul General, I went to say goodbye to Jerry Azarkman, the founder of La Curacao (now known as simply "Curacao"), who asked me to join his company. I am currently writing Jerry's memoir.

I am proud of my six children: Kidd, an eight-year-old boxer; Isis, a schnauzer who is seven years old; Nina, a dachshund (two years old), Babyblue, a blue & gold macaw who is twelve years old; Toronbolito, an Indian ring-neck bird, fifteen years old and Napoleon, a turtle who is also fifteen years old.

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