Rosanna Candela

Candela & Associates, LLC | Director

About Me

I started Candela & Associates with my husband Anthony because we have a passion for helping business owners manage their business.

I see my relationship with my clients as more than simply transaction-based (i.e. preparing a yearly tax return). What excites me is becoming my clients’ go-to advisor, producing accurate financial information fundamental to their businesses in an efficient, fluid manner.

I want you to control your numbers, not have your numbers control you. And the only way to achieve this is to know your numbers at all times!

At Candela & Associates, our Mission is to provide relevant bookkeeping, accounting and advisory to entrepreneurs on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis giving them the ability to make informed decisions towards achieving their business goals. We do this through the use of modern day bookkeeping and financial reporting systems that give business owners ongoing access and knowledge of the financial performance of their business.

We provide a full range of services, including:
• Budgeting
• Complete bookkeeping of transactions in real-time, leading to financial reports that are updated continuously
• Invoice Processing and Receivable Management
• Bill Pay and Payable Management
• Payroll Processing
• Reconciliation of Accounts
• Much more…

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