Robin Fuduli

About Me

As Sr. Vice President and Director of Marketing for Poms & Associates, Inc. I am excited to be part of a fast growing dynamic organization. The freedom to create and lead the overall strategic direction of Poms marketing initiatives is an amazing opportunity. I am part of a team of professionals who's sole purpose is client satisfaction. Utilizing all resources available to us, we design client specific insurance and risk management programs. Over the last 30 years I have work to create innovative insurance solutions for local and multinational Fortune 500 companies. My particular expertise is in finding the right company for the right client , negotiating and securing competitive terms and conditions. I really enjoy what I do and where I work. Each day brings new challenges and another opportunity to be of service.

I am fortunate to have 5 children and 3 grandchildren who are wonderful human beings. Their company lifts me up, when I have had a particulary difficult day and makes me laugh at life's little bumbs.

My hobby is in collecting Asian art and artifacts, comic books and first editions. I live in Southern California.

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