Rhonda Ivey

About Me

I began making goat milk soap at home after a surgery made it impossible for me to work at my previous career which was a Certified Nursing Assistant. I had been a CNA for the past 34 years and have learned quite a bit of knowledge about the body and skin care. I took that knowledge and put it to use in my present career which is Owner of Hallowed Haven Farm where I manufacture Home-made, all natural Goat Milk Soap and other bath products. I have recently added Bath Salts, Body Creams and Sugar Scrubs to my product line as well as other items.

I currently only have one full time :) and a part time handicapped lady that helps with labeling my products. I do carry my products in a few different store locations and also sell online, individually and also sell B to B.

My ultimate goal for this company, is to one day be able to have a facility where I will be able to employ handicapped individuals. I have a strong passion for them and find these unique individuals to have such a loving and caring personality and they always have so much to offer no matter what they are facing.

Hallowed Haven Farm is growing, slowly, but I know with a little help from God and my friends, family, etc. it will be what it needs to be....successful.

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