Renee Williams

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Renee Ann Williams has over 18 years experience in life insurance brokerage sales and marketing. Her current role as National Director of Agency Development of Life & Annuity Masters’ Women’s Marketing Initiative includes recruiting, training and sales development of new and experienced brokers with special emphasis on developing female agents. Renee’s brokerage background includes the following areas of expertise: Retirement Planning, Impaired Risk & difficult to place cases, Advanced Sales concepts including Executive Benefits, Business Insurance, Wealth Transfer and Preservation Strategies, and Premium Financed Life Insurance. She is available for case consultation and design, product information, and uses her years of experience in all areas of BGA operations to ensure business is processed efficiently and the best outcome is achieved for the broker’s client every time. She is thrilled to be building a nationwide opportunity under our exclusive marketing initiative “Women Empowering Financial Independence” (WEFI) to work with both experienced women insurance agents as well as recruit and train new women agents into the insurance business.

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