Regina Kurrasch

GlaxoSmithKline | Director

About Me

I am in my present position as part of an exciting career in cliinical research, beginning at NIH, followed by Wyeth, and now GlaxoSmithKine. I am a board-certified internist and rheumatologist who entered the pharmaceutical industry driven by my keen interest in science, clinical research and the desire to make a difference in the lives of my patients by providing new and better therapies. I have been rewarded by participating in the development of effective therapies to treat arthritis and in leading quality clinical research by earning a masters degree in public health. I feel a sense of accomplishment in being in my current position as a leader of a team focused on development of new therapies for patients with rheumatologic and associated diseases. I joined the National Association of Professional Women to network with other professional women in research and health care who value innovation and appreciate the challenges of providing quality health care to patients. Some of my hobbies and special interests include exercise, bicycling, reading, kayaking and being involved in my community.

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