Dr. Querida T. Lugo, Ed.D.

Founder & CEO of Styling For Your Life LLC

About Me

LIFESTYLER For the past decade, I have been helping people navigate the complexities of life, build the confidence they needed to reach their goals, and discover life-affirming transformations. Whether it was my time spent as a therapist or an educator, I have always seemed to see a common reoccurring theme of people simply struggling with how to live their life. I also realized, I too was looking for some sort of guide book, insight, or just a few tips on how to survive daily in a society full of pressures.

As I began to examine my own life transitions, I learned a few things
along the way about myself. I realized that I was "performing" and was a
"performer" in my own life. What I mean by performing is that every day I
did what I thought I needed to do or be, to be someone that I truly did not
want to be. I was that person because it was more acceptable and easier in my reality. And needless to say, I was a pretty successful performer in my own life. I reached most of the basic societal measures of success even went on to obtained my doctorates. However, found myself unhappy and unsatisfied with how I "styled" my life to be something temporarily fulfilling; dwelling at a surface satisfactory level. The only way I could reach my full excellence was to delve deeper. I started to ask myself some hard questions, and began stepping out there and fully embracing who I am and what life had to offer me; all while being the bravest I could be an unknown place.

Now this is what I have branded as, Styling For Your Life. As Founder & CEO I am passionate about working with and supporting woman in strategically living on purpose. I do so by providing transformational support tools & guidance as a Lifestyle Educator. I share information and resources through my site, facilitating workshops, speaking engagements, and consulting work. I was recently mentioned in World Women's Health Magazine and I was interviewed by Elle magazine highlighting areas within my own life. Some of my other highlights include working with universities, organizations, artists, community members, celebrities and a host of others, on various platforms.

My charitable involvement include, March of Dimes, Human Rights Campaign, Autism Awareness, & Pennsylvania Black Conference On Higher Education. My personal interest & hobbies are freelance photography, poetry, yoga, reiki and mentoring. I recently got into gardening and I love to travel with most recent trip being Saint Martin.

Today, I'm pursuing a very big part of my dream by styling my life in a way that fully allows me to function in purpose. Never did I expect a fashion centered blog that I started over 8 years to transition into a platform that displays my passion for guiding and motivating others to find success in their journey through my own shared thoughts and experiences. Being able to share my own challenges has been a truly empowering experience.

I would love to expand my reach and connect with you to see how you are living in & ON purpose.

Please feel free to contact me via the NAPW dashboard or at You can also find me and follow me on social media platforms: Facebook|Twitter|Instragram|Pinterest|Google+ @stylingforyourlife


The NAPW is proud to have selected and inducted Dr. Querida Lugo into our VIP Woman of the Year Circle. Congratulations Querida !

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