Pushpa Karna

Aalok Fashion Founder & CEO

About Me

My name is Pushpa Karna and I am the owner of Aalok International Fashion ( The last sixteen years of running Aalok has been a true pleasure. I oversee all operations of our fashion and beauty boutique. Many of our clients at Aalok are from over a decade ago and their dedication is very heartwarming. There is immense joy in desigbing beautiful fashions customized for our clients who have a flair for extraordinary fashions. My team and I specialize in South Asian fabrics and fusion fashion styles from around the world. L Fashion is Global and all our products are for women who desire a classy elegance with a modern twist. We have a full line of Jewelry. Our beauty services includes makeup, henna treatments, 24K gold facials, and threading..
Part of out teams commitment at Aalok is to guve back to our community. We are drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Local Charities. My hobbies and interests include singing, designing, supporting women entrepreneurs.

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