Purnima Sreenivasan

founder, owner and CEO - Health Aim, Inc.

About Me

I pride myself on being a compassionate, pleasant, kind and caring professional. My goal is to provide the best care at each and every visit. I love listening to patients, families, conservators and legal advocates, learning about their situations and providing optimum care based on the individual. While I am traditional in my approach, I integrate modern advances into my methods at every turn. I love my work so much that I have now been in private practice for over 13 years. I am a fervent believer in disease prevention and health promotion as the primary method of reducing hospitalizations.

It is my goal as a provider to ensure the highest quality of personal care, without rushing patients or their families. I have served as the medical director of hospice services, home health programs and skilled nursing facilities. I have also served on the board of director of the Meals-on-Wheels program. I engage in hospice visits and routine home visits, and visit skilled nursing facilities both short term post-acute and long-term care. In addition to these activities, I have worked with assisted living facilities and "board and care" homes while continuing to provide in-office primary care and geriatric consultations for over a decade!

I have intricate and extensive expertise in hospital discharge programs, care management, placement management, referrals, patient advocacy and relationship building for over 17 years in the USA.

I provide office-based consultations in various areas, including outside facilities depending on the expertise needed. I am always open to new challenges, which can only increase my knowledge. Genuine hard work, combined with sincere interest and sheer determination have aided me in furthering my learning along this journey.

You will find Health Aim to be the best place to get the answers and expertise to help you navigate the vast world of geriatric health and gerontology and senior/geriatric care management, leading to the "win-win" goals in an environment of peace, happiness and love. We have believed in an individualized approach since our inception.

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