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Purnima Sreenivasan began her journey in Health as a medical student in 1989. She has been passionate about the fields of Aging, Geriatrics, Hospice, Medicine, Public Health, Aging Life Care, Senior healthcare, Health education and Technology since she completed her fellowship in Geriatric Medicine from University of Hawaii, John Burns School of Medicine in 2004. She founded Health Aim Inc. in 2005, and over her decade plus career in medical practice, saw numerous opportunities to improve senior’s lives in myriad ways. During this time, she realized the importance of senior living issues, as she encountered such with her geriatric patients and their families. She decided in order to help them, she had to come up with a better way of helping them with their senior living solutions. Her path to such realization took her to the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in 2017 where she found herself immersed in re-learning, thinking, attending, meeting people at the events. She is immensely grateful for their continuing support for entrepreneurs and her own personal growth. She named this company miHygge to make senior living one’s personal life’s simple pleasures, a sense of togetherness.

What happens when we get older ?
This question has intrigued me ever since I can remember. As a kid I loved visiting my grandparents and participating in all their social activities.

They were so vibrant, savoring simple things in life. But I worried who would care for them when they got sick.

Thinking about this now it’s no wonder I became a geriatrician.

After working in this field as a doctor, it became clear there were other issues that were impacting their health concerns like housing, food and nutrition, social isolation and transportation.

But it was more than these major issues , it was the personal stories of struggle I heard: having no family to care for them, going hungry for days, having life saving medications stolen while sleeping in their car because they had nowhere else to go, craving for the simple things in life and many more.

Hearing these stories I felt helpless and frustrated.

One day, I was looking for a word that described enjoying life’s simple pleasures, a feeling of being in the moment, a feeling of togetherness.

I came across this unusual word “Hygge”
The Danish use it to describe the feeling like a walk in the park, chatting with friends over an afternoon tea, savoring a favorite meal or listening to a favorite record.

I knew I had found my inspiration. miHygge has became my life's work.

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