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My name is Petrene Soames, a world class Psychic, Paranormal Expert and Therapist. I focus on the essentials of self-help, self-awareness, and healing.

For over 25 years, I have served as Therapist, Healer, Consultant, World Class Psychic and Paranormal Expert, Radio/TV Talk Show Personality, Author, and Public Speaker. As a leading authority on healing, self-awareness and multidimensional reality, my unique practice and insight, drawn from human science, continue to help countless numbers of people around the world. Just from my public radio and TV appearances alone, I've helped and inspired millions more.

As a veteran, I've appeared in over 35 television shows, over 200 radio broadcasts, and have appeared in over 100 published articles. As an Author, I have 3 books that are must reads: "The Essence of Self Healing" which focuses on bringing health and happiness to your life, "50 Ways to Fix Your Life" and "The Process".

As a motivating and Inspirational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, my goal has always been to help people take control of their lives, their health, and their reality.

Originally from England, I travel extensively. My hobbies and interests include horseback riding, walking, traveling, and all manner of communication. Professionally, I belong to the The Association of Past Life Research and Therapy. I'm drawn to and passionate about charitable causes such as animal charities and humanitarian organizations.

Feel free to check out my books and website at On Facebook, you can find me at PetreneSoamesPsychic Facebook. I am always at the ready to help you "breakthrough." Call me at 281.363.9983 for sessions. Also email me at

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