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I was also a presenter/speaker at the eClinicalWorks National Conference in Phoenex, AZ last Fall. The topic was PQRS, Physician Quality Reporting System., which is a Medicare, (CMS=Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) initiative. I have spoken in the past on ePrescribing, electronic prescription writing and delivery.

I recently helped the three physicians I work with successfully achieve "Meaningful Use". This was really a team effort at our office between all our staff, the physicians, our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendor, eClinicalWorks, and myself.

Currently our practice is part of a new ACO, Accountable Care Organization. This involves delivering quality care and doing so efficiently. As we have successfully completed PQRS since 2007 and the CMS programs for ePrescribing and Electronic Medical Records, plus Meaningful Use, I think we are well prepared for this enterprise. We are in one of 2 ACOs in the country that accepted the challenge of taking a "Full Risk" contract.

I volunteer to help other medical practices using eClinicalWorks implement programs on the Electronic Medical Records. I am a member of the Cape Cod eClinicalWorks User's Group and the Cape Cod Manager's Meetings.

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