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Pamela Orock is a Prophet, Teacher and Author at the Pamela Orock Foundational Ministries, Pamela Orock Foundational School of Ministry and Pamela Orock Recreational Center that cater for the- (Orphans/Widows/Less privileged). Officially ordained into the office of the Prophet. As a minister of the gospel, Pamela teaches and mentor people on the importance of finding and getting to accomplish their divine dreams, purpose and assignments; that is, she focuses on birthing destinies.

A Writer, Editor and Author of ten Christian Revelational, Life changing and Transformational books at the Pamela Orock Publishing House. Pamela is also a Perfume designer and Producer of Beauty, cosmetics and Skincare Products @ the Pamela Orock Productions. She has her own brand and style in the market.

As a producer and designer of beauty, skincare and cosmetic products, Pamela produces and designs Products that help her customers find hope, self-esteem and healing in their physical and spiritual bodies. The Lotions, Deodorants, Body wax, Lip glosses, Bubble baths, Soaps, Massage creams and More that she produces, leave her customers with a soothing, nurturing, nourishing, moisturizing, healing, satisfying and fulfilling results and a positive self-image.

Pamela Orock was born on Oct 17th by Mr. Orock Mbi Oscar—Late and Mrs. Helen Antem Orock in Cameroon. Her Dad served in the civil service as a Nurse Practitioner and later obtained a License to set up the first Clinic in Manyu Division---The Omo Clinic, during his retirement. My mother has always been a housewife and helped at the clinic when it was still functional.

Pamela is the last of nine children. Growing up in a small town in West Africa-Mamfe in Cameroon, Pamela attended the Presbyterian Primary School in Mamfe and later attended Secondary School at Government High School Mamfe. She later attended High school at Baptist High School in Buea—B H S Buea and later got admission into the University of Yaoundé 1, popularly known as Ngoa Kele.

After spending three years in the University of Yaoundé 1, Pamela left for the United States in the year 2001 to pursue her Divine destiny and the dreams that you see come alive before your very eyes……the ministry, the school of ministry, the recreational center, the publishing company, the books, the production company and the Pamela Orock Film Industry coming soon.

Pamela Orock is the last of nine children and currently residing in the United States of America; precisely in Atlanta Georgia. After realizing, birthing and accomplishing her Divine Vision and dream, Pamela has the Mandate, the Passion and the Commission from the Throne Room of Heaven to educate others on how to realize and accomplish their dreams, purpose and Destinies.

Notwithstanding, Pamela is also a researcher and help new entrepreneurs set up their small businesses. You can find Pamela’s works almost everywhere online and in some bookstores such, Amazon, CreateSpace, Library of Congress, Barnes and Nobles, eBay and on almost every online Bookstores you can find. Bless your precious souls.

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