Pamalita-Paloma Alioto

Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Spokesperson, Mediapreneur, Non-Profit Director

About Me

Miss Alioto is living proof you can have a happy, successful, meaningful life in spite of Abuse.

As an Advocate against Abuse, The Foundation is focused upon Providing Practical Solutions due to the Challenges of Abuse. We encourage, educate, and empower Women, Men, LGBT, People with Disabilities, who have been or are in unhealthy, unhappy, unsafe relationships to take action and make important, positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Our main focus is dealing with the collateral damage.
* Economic & Financial abuse resolutions
* Employment opportunities, Workplace issues
* Medical issues from the aftermath of abuse, Illness and Escalating Costs.

Miss Alioto is responsible for the development of all informational and education programs.
* PSA's
* Educating the general public
* Education through webinars, seminars, and workshops for abused victims.

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