Dr.Nisha Sundaragopal, DMD. PGD Mhrd

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My name is Dr.Nisha Sundaragopal, DMD. My professional title is General Dentist at GMS Dental. My skills and areas of expertise include Molar Root canals, surgical extractions, impactions, Root canal Re- treatments, apexifications. I received my DMD from Boston University. I finished my Post Graduation in Human Resource Management ( PGDM hrd) in India. I am currently a member of ADA, ADPAC, AGD. My hobbies and interests include Painting, Computers. Dancing, Swimming skating and Reading.
Dentistry is my passion. I am an International Dentist. I graduated BDS in India in 2001 and surgically trained in India to fix broken jaws with IMF, micro plates, arch bars. Placing Dental implants from 2013 and surgically trained for more complicated cases of Implants for Sinus lifts, All on 4s, ridge Splits and immediate implants. I am a very loving and caring health care provider. I received the " the Best Clinician Award" at BU in 2011 and I was also awarded the" the Best Service Doctor Award" in India, TamilNadu in 2003.
Asides Dentistry I am a professional artist. I specialize in Tanjore art from Southern India a unique painting that uses real 18 Karat gold foil and precious stones. I am a certified Aromatherapist.

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