Nicole Casasnovas PMP

Abarca Health LLC | Quality Improvement Manager

About Me

My name is Nicole Casasnovas PMP. An MIT engineer and project manager, I am known for taking on challenges and delivering results. My colleagues regard me as a knowledgeable, optimistic, and trusted professional and I have received awards as a top performer for my leadership and innovative contributions. I enjoy strategic thinking and engaging people to realize a vision, and I have proven my ability to establish a structured path to solve problems and reach difficult goals while leading company-wide projects.

Throughout my 7+ years of experience, I have made meaningful contributions in areas such as quality management, strategic planning, pharmaceutical manufacturing, science policy, process engineering, scientific research, nonprofit organizations, pharmacy benefit management, health information technology, materials engineering, corporate leadership, professional association management, and organizational development. I am confident that the unique perspective I have gained from my work in multiple industries, combined with my passion for learning and continuous improvement, will allow me to tackle new challenges and opportunities throughout my career.

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