Ngan Nguyen

CEO of Cintamani Group

About Me

I empower entrepreneurs and leaders to step fully into their truth. Helping them transform into mindful visionaries who can create the impact they wish to see in their lives, in their organizations, and in the world.

Growing up in post-war Vietnam and experiencing all the adversities that come with that instability, I developed a deep appreciation for overcoming circumstances and creating a better world by developing ourselves and inspiring others to be their best.

My passion is people coming together to create something beautiful to inspire and benefit others - Cintamani Group that brings together brilliant business strategist and passionate leadership coaches to empower organizations to achieve their mission and create their vision in the world.

➡A key factor to do this is good leadership and creating the right culture that empowers and unleashed the potential of the people in the organization.
➡Revolutionary leaders who embrace their inner power, along with supporting their teams, can transform cultural and corporate barriers to create unimaginable impact and success.
➡A company lead with humanity cultivates change, and true leadership is about what you can bring back to your team, your company, and the world.

Bringing together strategy consulting expertise and leadership development tools, in addition to awareness, consciousness and empowerment tools, create an effective and holistic approach to success for our clients.

➡This helps our clients achieve their results in the fastest amount of time, enabling the acceleration and amplified positive effective within their lives, organization, and industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can support you in developing your leaders and creating a culture you absolutely love working in, please contact me:

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I would love to support you in achieving your organizational goals.

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