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Speaker - Coach - Trainer - Author | Owner of How To School | Creator of Go Online Pro | Founder of Small Businesses Care

About Me

Motivational marketing expert Nannette Bosh teaches business owners, organizations and entrepreneurs the effective steps for optimizing brand presence, and successful strategies for maximizing talent. Bosh has been leading and empowering teams for more than twenty years with emphasis on open communication, employee enrichment and leadership authenticity. Solution driven marketer, Bosh uses her diverse background in combination with personal development techniques to help businesses magnify their brand presence and maximize their talent. Energetic and humorous her enthusiasm is contagious.

Throughout her many years as an entrepreneur and brand builder, published author Nannette Bosh has been featured countless times in print, radio and televised media including a CBS Prime-Time Special. Her ability to inspire and connect along with a motivational style of marketing earned her a worldwide social media ranking among the Top 50 Facebook Elite (alongside Mashable Founder Pete Cashmore and Premier Facebook Marketing Expert Mari Smith) hailed by

Following the sale of her third business in 2014, Nannette accepted a corporate management position with focus on human resources. She was promoted to company Assistant Executive Director after only four months. Bosh coached management and staff throughout a successful corporate merger. However Nannette longed for new challenges. After eighteen months she resigned from her corporate position to further advance her coaching and training methods.

Nannette’s ambitious journey led her to the NGH where she earned her NLP Practitioner designation. In 2016 Bosh sought a mentorship with Jack Canfield. She studied the Canfield Methodology of personal development, his innovative training techniques, and his success principles. After eight months Bosh became a Certified Canfield Trainer.

Now the Founder of How to School and Creator of Go Online Pro, you’ll find Nannette Bosh teaching entrepreneurs how to optimize brand potential and maximize talent. Compassionate advocate of the elderly she takes great pride in supporting her favorite charities and recently formed the Small Businesses Care network. Bosh has two sons and currently resides in Connecticut.
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P.S. I’m reaching out for a little support if you are able (if you are not I totally get it). I recently co-authored a book that will be launching on November 14th, it’s called “Success University for Women in Leadership”, and is filled with inspiring stories shared to help women further develop their leadership skills while remaining true to themselves. I’m super excited and wanted to ask you for a quick favor.
Ok so here’s the thing…I’m wondering if as a fellow NAPW member you would be willing to help me spread the word to as many people as possible on book launch day. I was hoping on November,14th, you would be part of my “street team”, so to speak. It won’t be time consuming really just like ten or fifteen minutes. Basically, I would need you to do a short book review on, and share a social media post or a quick note in an email send out (from you to friends and family), on November 14th.
If you can help, I’d be happy to repay the favor. I will also get you a free copy of the book and email it to you in a PDF (you’ll have it two weeks before the launch). It’s kind of crunch time, so if you are able to help could you please let me know asap? Then I will send you the PDF and email you an update/reminder on Sunday, November 12th. I sincerely appreciate any support you’re willing or able to offer. Many thanks …Nannette xoxo

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