Nancy Vick

About Me

My name is Nancy "NV" Vick and I bring my artistic designs to your interiors. The company motto is "what inspires you inspires us" which means I partner with you to bring your unique style to your home. I believe that home is a haven where you and/or family go to regenerate and spend time together. Home should reflect the person(s) that live there. While trends are fun they are not what defines a home. When friends or neighbors come to visit they should immediately see you and your family reflected in your home. Home should hug you when you walk in the door.
I also design custom decor products such as lamps, tables, floras and art to name a few. I have found that adding custom products to the interior design helps bring a sense of uniqueness for each family.
I am involved in the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity and a member of the Better Business Bureau. These organizations help me stay in touch and benefit my community and neighbors.
I love being with my family and neighbors, as well as, art, music, dance and quantum physics. I love talking and getting to know people. Every person I meet is unique and brings a style all their own to my life.

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