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Hi! My name is Nancy Conner, and I live just outside Durant, Oklahoma, the home of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. At this time, I am County Treasurer of Bryan County, Oklahoma, recently elected to my third term in office. As County Treasurer, I am the banker for the county. Every bit of money that is collected by county government and some related agencies makes its way through my office every month, and we have to correctly divide and apportion those collections at the end of each month. In addition, it is the job of this office to prepare, mail out, and collect property taxes through the county, and properly account for and disburse those funds each month, also. Many items are the responsibility of this office that most people don't even know exist. It is a complicated, detail-oriented job, and is never boring. That's good, because I have found over the years that if my job is boring, I move on somewhere else. I like learning new things, and I love a challenge in my work.

I graduated Durant High School in 1977, with the desire to become a paralegal (or legal assistant.) Two weeks after graduation, I married my best friend, and we have had 37 wonderful years together, still going strong. After graduation and marriage, I attended Grayn County College in Denison, Texas. There, I was a member of the very first class pursuing legal knowledge in the brand new Paralegal Studies program. While there, I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the junior college honors society. I graduated in 1979 with an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies.

I planned to complete my B.A. and then go on to Law School, but Providence sidetracked me with the birth of our firstborn. I became a stay-at-home mom for a while, at about the same time my husband went to work for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. We moved from Oklahoma to a little place called Princeton, Texas, where my husband worked at the McKinney store. When I decided to go back to work, I went to the Allen, Texas, Wal-Mart Store, and worked as Customer Service Manager, cashier, and back-up office cashier. My Wal-Mart career spanned about 3 years, while my husband's spanned 17. We have lived in Princeton, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Opelika, Alabama; Wichita Falls, Texas; and are now back in Durant, Oklahoma, where I was born and raised. Durant is growing, but it is still a wonderful place to bring up a family.

During those years we were away, I worked for attorneys as receptionist, secretary, and paralegal, with an emphasis in real estate matters. Legal research was always my favorite part of these jobs. I also worked for Wal-Mart in three different states, until the birth of our twins. After that, I worked for a family firm--a father and three brothers--who were real estate appraisers and realtors. I was learning how to appraise property when we had to move to Wichita Falls. There, I took my experience and became a paralegal to an attorney for a while. We were in Wichita Falls 7 years, and I had the freedom to stay home some with my children. When not able to stay home, I worked at Sam's Club, had my own vinyl repair business for a short time, and then landed a job on Shepard AFB with the civilian contractor who did the grounds maintenance. That was a fun job, and I basically had to set the office up and get it started. I learned a great deal there, and had to turn down a shot at setting up their office in Pearl Harbor when they won that contract. I'll probably always wonder what would have happened if I could have been free to go to Hawaii then.

After moving back to Oklahoma in 1992, I worked for a bank for a few months, and then received a call for an opening at the Bryan County Clerk's office. I made that move, and have never regretted it. The courthouse is my second home, because my mother worked here for 29 years, both in the Clerk's office and in the Treasurer's office. I spent several months with the County Clerk, then moved from there to the Bryan County Assessor's office, where i stayed for two years, learning computer mapping and mapping property by hand, along with how to appraise and value property. Then, in 1995, the then County Treasurer asked if I would move to her office and be her First Deputy. I did, and spent the next almost 7 years learning the ins and outs of running the Treasurer's office.

In 2002, the time came for me to leave that office. It was very hard to do, because I enjoyed the work so much, but it was necessary. During the next 5 years, I worked for a local attorney. i started off part-time straightening out his files and proof-reading surveys and legal descriptions, eventually going full-time--always learning something new.

In 2006, the Treasurer for whom I had worked announced her retirement, and I chose to run for the office. It was hard work, but I was gratified and thankful to win with 60% of the vote. I am now in the last year of my second term as County Treasurer, and just recently was re-elected to a third term, which will begin July 1, 2015 and continue through June 30, 2019. Even after all those years of running the office for my predecessor, I am still running into things daily that require study and application of the Oklahoma Statutes, auditor's regulations, attorney's opinions, and good 'ol common sense. I've made it here this long precisely because I have come to love the work and the people of Bryan County, and I have not been bored once!

My B.A. has never been finished, I'm a little sad to say, but I haven't had the time. I might try to complete it online or on campus here. It wouldn't be any real advantage in my job, but it would be something that I could feel good about completing after all this time. We'll have to wait and see what happens. I also am thinking of getting my real estate license, as I get a little closer to "retirement age." I think it would be fun.

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