Morgan Baptist

Department of Human Services-Child Protective Services | Intake Specialist

About Me

My name is Morgan Baptist, Intake Specialist for the Department of Human Services; Children, Youth, Family and Juvenile Division. We provide safety and support for children and vulnerable citizens. We take leadership in community efforts to assess human service needs, plan for more effective and efficient human services delivery, as well as address emerging community needs. The Larimer County Department of Human Services works closely with other County Departments to develop, coordinate, and evaluate the total package of human services for individuals in our demographics. I coordinate dispositions for Juvenile Delinquents, completing the Detention Screening process. I also work in taking referrals to alleged child abuse, neglect as well as adult protection referrals for seniors that are being exploited, abused and neglected in the community. I also work with teenage runaways, along with alleged foster care/institutional referrals.

As a professional, I am very much committed to my job and to those I serve. I know that in offering a smile and personable service indeed goes a long way to brighten the lives of others. Being able to assist others in my community is a great achievement that I have been striving for throughout my college career. My position is highly fulfilling and I leave work everyday knowing that I did some good in the world. The traits I value highly include honesty, integrity, and respect.

My hobbies and interests include snowboarding and attending live music events. I also love to cook and create different cuisines from other cultures. Exercising and reading are also strong interests of mine. I have a grey, black and white tabby male feline that always makes me happy, regardless of other circumstances in my life.

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