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I am very excited that you are viewing my profile. My name is Miriam and I am passionate about education and workplace wellness.

I travel the country to speak with corporate leaders about workplace wellness. I have a passio for healthy living and a talent for storytelling (and I've got some hilarious tales to tell!), so participants enjoy my conversational approach. Check out my blog at

In my role at Minnesota School of Business, I specialize in preparing college faculty to embrace teaching in a technology-rich environment, which requires providing direct training opportunities related to mobile learning, experiential education, and cooperative education. I believe that every college student should have the opportunity to develop the skills that we know are essential to their experiences in the world of work.

I received a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Bay Path University (MA), a master's degree in Higher Education and Student Personnel Administration from Kent State University, and have earned credits toward a Doctor of Educational Leadership at University of Phoenix.

One of the most rewarding positions I have held was at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, where I had the opportunity to establish a Technology and Information Literacy Community Learning Center. The Center provided tutoring services to K-12 students in the Cleveland Municipal School District and adults who wanted to pursue their GED. This position marked the first time that I truly felt I was doing something important, not only for my career, but for the socioeconomic advancement of an entire community. It was truly an amazing experience.

In my free time, I practice yoga, Qigong, and mixed martial arts. I am support charitable organizations such as Make-a-Wish and Habitat for Humanity, and participate in local and regional activities in Minneapolis-St. Paul that support childhood literacy. I am also an educational consultant for Usborne Books & More, a publisher of children's books. Few things are as important as cultivating the development of a child's reading habits.

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