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Millie L. McGhee:

This courageous young woman finished high school nearly illiterate, and today she is an author. She also opened her own businesses and is founder of an after school program called “Young Talented Achievers, Inc,” which encourages students to reach for their goals through reading. She is moving YTA, Inc. across the country. Millie is now traveling the country motivating children to learn to read. She states, “If you can read, you can do anything.” Millie’s incredible method of teaching and success with children earned her recognition as one of the leading educators in the country.

Millie LePearl McGhee grew up in a small plantation town called McComb, Mississippi. She graduated from a school called “Burglund High,” re-educated herself many years later, and wrote a book called “Secrets Uncovered - J. Edgar Hoover Passing For White?” [Inland Empire Services / Allen-Morris Publishing], in 2000.

This author is CEO of Inland Empire Services and implemented Ontario Christian Military School's Elementary Department reading program. Growing up in Mississippi, and raised in abject poverty, she realized in order to fulfill her dreams something had to be done. She went on a mission to reeducate herself, hiring a personal tutor, attending city colleges, going to seminars, and taking classes in private schools. She earned enough credits to teach Elementary School in the private sector for twelve years. She shared with her students the joys that reading could deliver, and the endless opportunities that books as well as a formal education could bring. Her tireless efforts and establishment of a scholarship fund have both encouraged and helped thousands of students of all races achieve promising careers.

Millie L. McGhee recently completed her second book, “What’s Done In The Dark” [Inland Empire Services / Allen-Morris Publishing] and is currently completing work on a historical film documentary of the same title. Ms. McGhee is available for book signing events and lectures.

These are her words before lecturing, “Lord Jesus, Guide my tongue and continue to control my heart.”

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