Mille Baldwin

Lee Womble By Products Inc, | President

About Me

Mille’s love of being a baker and pastry artist began as a child. As an adolescent she apprenticed with a chef for more than 12 years. Everything had to be beautifully presented, and must taste better than it looked. After going to school to study marketing, Mille’s love of baking and pastry arts continued to grow, though was not considered as a potential career until several years later. Her career took many turns do to different opportunities, including children's party planning; dessert catering; professional puppettering; co-founder and chef / baker for 'Freezer Queens'. Mille’s desire to bring only beautiful things that are well presented and her love for baking have never wavered. Mille’s path took another turn when living over sees in Argentina for 10 years. Seeing a need for American style cakes and pastries, Mille began baking and decorating custom occasion cakes and pastries for many different events in the expat community. It was here that she developed her own recipes and honed her skills as a pastry artist - including cake decorating. It was also in Argentina that she provided baked goods to a retirement / assisted living facility of 100, which is where she learned how tastebuds changed at different stages in life. From 2002 - 2005, Mille stepped into to run a privately funded food distribution program, serving 700+. After moving back to the United States and settling in Northern Virginia, the passion found in baking desserts and designing cakes for all occasions while living oversees led Mille to see a career opportunity and so Eloise's Pastries was opened in the fall of 2010. Her level of research grows and fastidiousness for details continue to evolve: Mille has developed a line of celiac approved gluten-free and dairy-free / casein-free baked goods and cakes, which are found delicious by all!
She currently mentors others who are full time caregivers and working professionals while growing her business.

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