Mildred Hayes

Writer/Beautician - Color Wees Foundation

About Me

Mildred Hayes is an accomplished business owner and operator of a salon with many varieties of services: styles, cuts, curls, perms, color, etc. She has since closed her salon and started to focus on her creativity. Mildred is a published Author, Writer and Editor and will also freelance on occasion. Her book "Color Wees" is a children's book based on racism and tells us how important color is and why color is needed the world. An inspirational story of truth, diversity and a great message for all.

Some of Mildred's skills and areas of expertise includes: print production, content creation, writing, illustration, research, editing, publishing, innovative idea implementation, research, business operations and leadership. As an idea person, Mildred is an inspirational leader with cross-functional teamwork capability. She is passionate about charities that give back to society and to her community such as Saint Jude's Children's Hospital.


The NAPW is proud to have selected Mildred Hayes into our VIP Woman of the Year circle. Congratulations Mildred !

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