Michelle Simpson

American Airlines Federal Credit Union | Compliance Analyst

About Me

My name is Michelle Simpson, B.S., M.S. My skills and areas of expertise include motivating and consulting. My professional title is Entreprenuer/ Consultant/ Writer at Empowering Perceptions, which specializes in motivational speaking and consulting. I write inspirational articles for a Fortune 500 company. I enjoy helping others realize their potential and overcoming their personal inhibitions.

Empowering Perceptions goal is to provide advice to individuals through articles, books, and motivational speaking engagements. Our team seeks to motivate individuals to rethink his or her life decisions and judgments to make the necessary changes in life to increase their maximal potential. In order to reach those potentials, we have to enhance the awareness of each individual’s personal inhibitions to determine how this effects their personal and professional decisions.

Along with promoting self reevaluation to comprehend the cycle in which his or her life is progressing, Empowering Perceptions will motivate individuals to search for additional assistance for financial concerns, learning to prioritize, and organization in their personal and professional life. The company wants to encourage emotional strength building through workshops to assist with changing their perceptions of life both personally and professionally. Empowering Perceptions will work to motivate and provide the necessary tools for each individual to reach their path to serenity.

I have recently launched my new blog at and will have a new website design coming soon.

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