Michelle Seoane

Our children are our future, our seniors are our roots... it's time to give back to them for making us what we are today.

About Me

Hello, I am Michelle Seoane. I've been searching for my dream job for much of my adult career. What I hadn't realized was that I found it long ago. There are so many things I want to do, that I find very interesting and never realized it was right there in front of me what all the time.

I am a people person. I like working with numbers, researching, figuring things out. I like technology. I like helping people. I like helping people not to get cheated. I like to make people happy and at ease.

My ideal job .... Daily Money Manager and Personal Assistant (for private individuals), and Bookkeeping and Admin support for small businesses. I've been working on my websites so you can learn more: and

One of my best clients is the out of town adult child with a parent or other elderly loved one/friend in the DC Metropolitan area (preferably Northern Virginia), because I give them peace and comfort helping when they can't. As for the elderly that I am assisting, I make them feel better, make sure their bills are taken care of properly, make sure their bills are correct, I'm their when they need help with service calls etc, and I do my best to help protect them from scammers and spammers.

I don't exclusively work with seniors. I work with anyone who needs my services. Lets say you have furniture being delivered, or the cable repair service coming, I can be hired to wait for you. Maybe you travel a lot and need someone to water your plants, monitor your bills, and check on your house - that someone could be me. Maybe you just don't like sorting the mail and paying bills - well that's what a DMM (Daily Money Manager) is for.

It is with great pleasure I present to you ...... "Totally for Seniors" a senior concierge service provider. Please visit my website in it's developing stages for more details, and if you are in the northern Virginia area I look forward to meeting you at a networking opportunity and please do give me a call when I can be at your service.

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