Michelle Hartz

Owner of Gebo Promo

About Me

I am the owner of Gebo Promo, a graphic design and promotional products studio. I have been designing for 22 years, and have been in the promotional products industry for 14 years.

I started Gebo Promo because I like designing for an array of products, not just for digital and 2D applications. Many times, I've seen an amazing logo lose some of that Wow factor when being adjusted and adapted to go on promotional products. I like to design with promotional products in mind from the start (in addition to the usual print and website applications), to give the customer all the assets they'll need to put their logo on anything and everything.

When I'm not working, I'm also a collector of hobbies, especially those in entertainment. I'm a belly dancer, drag king, and burlesque performer. I do volunteer voiceover and voice acting work. I have my own show on The Base Radio. I stream video games. I've self published 2 books. I'm a crafter and cosplayer. I like finding creative avenues and making people smile.

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