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Hello, My name is Michelle Benton and I am Founder of the Doxa Business Network and which champions bringing the possibility of business ownership to those who have been disillusioned, disenfranchised and discouraged as an employee in the marketplace. We do this through our two companies Doxa Business Solutions and Doxa Travel Solutions.

Doxa Business Solutions is a highly skilled team of professionals offering administrative, marketing and advertising specialties services to small businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs and busy individuals. We have been providing excellent administrative and marketing services throughout the the United States since 1985. For over 20 years, Doxa has shared its expertise by working with diverse groups and individuals to support business growth and organizational goals. With a focus on quality customer service, exceptional administrative support, creative marketing/advertising campaigns and graphic design, we have been able to offer our clients access to the best business support solutions that the marketplace has to offer at a fraction of the sky-rocketing cost of hiring in-house staff.

Doxa Travel Solutions is a full service travel agency with a focus on group travel, resort travel, cruises and tours. We also facilitate the process of others becoming independent travel agents and owning their own business.

The Doxa Business Network is a network of small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs who are endeavoring to develop their business acumen and become experts in the burgeoning Home Business Industry. We encourage one another to become successful for the purpose of making a difference in our families, communities, in the marketplace and in the world. We have adopted the mantra that we are "Called To Freedom". This includes being financially free, emotionally free and spiritually grounded. Our training focuses on developing ourselves, our personal relationships, personal finances as well as strategically growing our businesses and careers for long term success that will provide a platform for future generations to continue our legacy.

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