Michele Greer, MA, AACP, CPC

Independent Associate representing Aflac

About Me

My name is Michele Greer, MA, AACP. I have recently switched careers, moved to Georgia,passed the insurance licensing exam, and am now affiliated with AFLAC as a Benefits Consultant. In other words, I'm now a insurance agent. My prior professional title was Senior Litigation Paralegal at Wilson & Associates, PLLC. My skills and areas of expertise include Civil litigation dealing with real estate foreclosures. I'm also a certified professional life coach, and have a lot of experience with public speaking.

Going forward I want to be self sufficient with a few strings of income in coaching and speaking engagements on women's issues and wellness for minority women, being able to help other women with confidence and self esteem issues and helping them to focus on positive things. About 2 years ago I decided that I needed to do something about my own well-being, and my Zumba instructor introduced me to Juice Plus. I saw the benefits... better weight management, my skin and hair look better, and I feel better all around, so now I'm a Juice Plus Distributor. I have a lot going on... LOL.
I received my M.A. in Forensic Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology.

I enjoy reading and I am passionate about motorcycles. In June I plan on participating in the Women's Freedom Ride, a 18-20 day ride to bring awareness to women riders - this year's mission is also to raise money to purchase a mortgage free home for a female veteran. I will post more information shortly if anyone is interested in making a tax deductible donation.

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