Megan Reuwer

Vice President SL/ Norwex

About Me

I am passionate about many aspects of this life but I mostly passionate about helping women dream, plan and reach their goals. People are what make my heart beat and head spin and emotions alive, there is no better pursuit or greater fulfillment than helping others grow into their strengths and use them in this life - it benefits and impacts all. Making connections is what I am best at, and working closely with others is part of my make-up. I love what I do!

I run a multi-million dollar organization. I am a top recruiter and educator in the sales field. I am changing homes and lives by radically reducing the intrusion of unfriendly chemicals in their homes and lives.

Motherhood. Sales. Customer Service. Relationship building. Sharing a product that changes lives. Changing your image, changing your outlook. All are part of what I love to do. And I do what I love with all my heart!

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