Maya Ezratti

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Certified "Rules" Dating Coach and "Your Tango" Relationships Expert. Trained and worked closely with Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider, authors of "The Rules Book," the original manual for dating, relationships and love and getting the Rewarding Relationship you have always desired – all based on the premise that men and women are romantically different.

Rewarding Relationships and "The Rules" will help you in dating, marriage, divorce and singlehood and also in learning how to weed out Mr./Ms. Wrongs. If you are serious about marriage, getting married or being the center of someone’s life – then Rewarding Relationships is for you.

As Maya says: "We may know "The Rules"...but sometimeswe don’t LIVE by "The Rules." Working with me is like working with a personal trainer (but a lot more fun). I keep you on track, remind you of your goals, make sure you’re at your best and make YOUR success in dating and love MY business!! I do all the basics (calls, texts, emails) and of course way more: from outfit picking and online profile editing to conversation role-player and confidence booster. I’ve even been the designated 'date-ender' with gentle text reminders for my clients who lack the willpower to do it themselves! I love The Rules! They work!"

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