Matilda Getty

Independent Business Owner, Total Life Changes

About Me

In February 2016, my husband and I partnered with Total Life Changes LLC (TLC). Total Life Changes is dedicated to bringing health and wellness, and well-being to everyone through innovated lines of nutritional products, personal care products, weight-loss products, body compression garments. My desire continues to be helping myself and others find a way to improve the quality of life and health. I am excited to be a part of the TLC family knowing that I can serve people in many ways with several lines of products.

What I love about TLC is that our products enhance the lives of men and women of all ages. The Business Opportunity Plan provides for greater financial growth; and encourages team members to partner with others by teaching, mentoring, and serving them using the business models we learned. We provide a business platform for anyone who desires to succeed in business and life, regardless of education, status, gender or any other limitations a mind can create.

I am involved, as is all of my family, with volunteer work. We volunteer weekly in our community, our church, and yearly on U.S. missions’ trips. I am passionate about partnering with Sugar Creek Alzheimer Community twice a month, the R.E.A.C.H. Ministry to those with disabilities, and Ministry & More, Inc.

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