Maryann Kelly

CXO/Executive Solution Innovation℠ : Innovator, Problem Solver, Strategy Implementor: Merger,Acquistion,Transformation.Harnessing Strategy to Master Execution

About Me

I am the CXO of Executive Solution Innovation℠. ESI℠ works with executives in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Transformations. ESI℠ assesses and leverages the following “CORP” resources, pre & post-merger, and during transformations to optimize the strategic results across industries such as Health Care, Insurance, Mortgage, Information Technology, Benefit Administration, & Professional Services:
• Contract Evaluation
• Organizational Change Management, OCM
• Risk Management
• Project Management including Project Management Office, Vendor Management / Governance, Technology, and Business Process Engineering

I've functioned as an Executive Leader, who has been in client and vendor roles, with more than three decades of applied interdisciplinary expertise integrating technology, process engineering, portfolio benefit realization, and complex vendor solutions of up to $11 Billion in portfolio value, which has enabled me to both rapidly diagnose enterprise challenges and propose cost effective options and strategies. I have been a trusted advisor to C-Level Executive Teams ensuring awareness of risk mitigation, regulatory implications, industry trends, and geopolitical elements.

I have had varying global responsibilities ranging from critical situation management to strategic marketing exclusivity. I have lived and worked abroad and traveled to over one-hundred cities across multiple continents which has been an instrumental factor to my ability to keenly pinpoint and critique what is the same rather than just what may appear to be different.

I thrive and welcome challenges to optimize companies at an executive and enterprise level by providing fact-based neutral perspectives while collaborating with others for a shared sense of urgency and accountability for realized strategic value creation.

I have over 30 years of experience leading enterprise transformation, operational risk, strategic sourcing, vendor management, and IT/business projects in large corporations including IBM, Towers Perrin, PHH, and Philadelphia North American Services. I've created metrics based Enterprise Project Office and Strategic Sourcing Provider Governance Teams who have provided complex internal and client funded solutions. I'm adept at vendor contract negotiations, with indicative and measurable SLAs, resulting in both year-over-year multi-million dollar savings for my employers while improving the vendor partnerships for win-win results. Within the organizations for which I have worked, I am known for providing internal strategic consultation, objective assessment of complex issues, pragmatic solution implementation, and fact-based decision making.

Roles: CXO, business Transformation leader, strategic thinker and implementer impacting corporate performance to achieve market results. Influential communicator and negotiator. Reputation for high energy, exemplary work ethic, and commitment to holistic corporate success. Mentor and motivator to team driven cost effective measurable results.

Specialties: Transformation, Organizational Change Management, pre and post Merger & Acquisition, Strategic Planning, Enterprise Project Office, Multi-Billion Dollar Project Management, Risk Management, Vendor Management, Vendor Governance, Business Process Outsourcing, On-Shore and Off-Shore Strategic Solution Sourcing, International Business, Operations Management, Organizational Development, Continuous Process Improvement, Contract Negotiation, Client Relationship Management, Capital and Expense Budget Management, Procurement, Shared Services

Completed Dual Major: B.S. in Finance & Information Systems, Summa Cum Laude Accelerated Program, 2 yrs. 8 mos. I earned Stanford University's Advanced Project Management Certification and Lloyd's of London Reinsurance Certification. My skills and areas of expertise include Enterprise Project Management, Enterprise Project Management Office, Strategic Planning, Change Management Leadership, Risk Management, Vendor Management, Strategic Sourcing in industries such as Financial Services, Information Technology, Mortgage Services, Insurance, Benefit Administration, and Health Care. My professional title is CXO of Executive Solution Innovation. I am currently involved with SIM and GPSEG. My hobbies and interests include global travel. I am drawn to and passionate about converting strategy into tangible results to realize enterprise impact and mentoring within and outside of GPSEG and SIM.

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