Mary Tulumovich

Realtor® - Broker

About Me

My name is Mary Tulumovich. I am a Realtor-Broker at LUX. Denver. I am licensed in Colorado and Texas. My success is based on long term relationships and the satisfaction of my clients who always come first. My goal is to transform the ordinary home buying and selling experience into the extraordinary.
Extreme passion for real estate was born back in 2001 when I started with fix and flips. Ever since I have been involved and finally got my license in 2013.
I enjoy traveling, cooking, hiking and spending time outdoors.
I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Babies in Need program at Denver Health. I volunteer and organize events for Babies in Need program. I also support Range Of Motion Project which is a non-profit, for-impact healthcare organization dedicated to providing prosthetic and orthotic care to those without access to these services.

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