Mary McGeough

Financial Advisor (FADP)

About Me


She's a modern day renaissance woman with entrepreneurial spirit and "know how" and continues to expand her knowledge base. Mary McGeough started consulting for Rodan and Fields and was impressed with their business model and product line. She's also a business owner and consults for an aviation tax company. Recently, Mary had a desire to learn more about real estate, so she studied and passed her real estate exam. She was recently hired at Merrill Lynch which is now her dream job. Everyone that meets Mary will tell you, she is hardworking, has great insight, is intelligent and is the type of person you instantly bond with. She has a way of making you feel like you've been friends for years. Mary goes above and beyond to help her clients. Whether it's selecting the right product line, or helping clients with their wealth management portfolio, Mary is results driven and focuses on a project until it's done to perfection. She is an Entrepreneur, a Realtor, a Business Leader, a Visionary, and a friend. She is also a wife and a mother of five children, so she knows how to maximize time, juggle multiple projects and get a job done.

Mary will receive her MBA from New Hampshire University and her Bachelor of Science from Berkeley College New York. She also feels strongly about charities that give back society and that help the world.

The NAPW is proud to have selected and inducted Mary McGeough into our VIP Woman of the Year Circle. Congratulations Mary !

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