Mary Ellen Jorgensen BSN RN

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About Me

I am an advocate for my clients healthcare and lifestyle needs. I bring together an assessment of new clients' current health status and past medical history to create an individual plan of care for each client. I utilize my 30+ years' experience as a Registered Nurse to provide Comfort Home Care with the insight necessary to provide exceptional quality care. My ability to relate current situations with past learned experiences and knowledge provide me with an ability to connect with clients, their families and caregivers in a uniquely positive way. I believe these assets help me assist Comfort Home Care gain new clients during our initial assessment and keep them throughout our journey with them.
I interview potential C.N.A. applicants for hire. I screen the applicants, test applicants, review test results and gather past work experience information via conversation. This in person interview allows me to see the actual person behind the application. I engage in meaningful conversation with the clients and their family members to ensure reasonable expectations regarding care are acquired.
I work with outside vendors to create a seamless transition when acquiring services from Comfort Home Care. .
I provide a Plan of Care, current task list and case notes for documentation to all nursing home clients, assisted living clients, and LTC clients.
I visit all clients who have been discharged from the hospital and assess their level of care needed. I adjust the client's care plan as needed to reflect any changes needed to the client's care needs.
I provide ongoing continuing education programs. I develop the content, the program structure, visual aids such as power Point Presentations, take home tests and hand out materials for reference. I have begun to offer the BCAT as a way for clients to gain insight into the possible ways our aides from CHC can engage with our clients in a meaningful productive and positive way.

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