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About Me

Hi. This is Marti MacEwan, Your Stage Fright Coach.

I am a long time therapist and coach and have developed "The Stage Fright Cure" - a highly successful method for being free of any form of stage fright, performance anxiety, test or competition anxiety or fear of public speaking. It features the Rapid Relief Process(tm), an original mind/body technique that reduces the physiological symptoms of stage fright.

My method, and the Rapid Relief Process(tm) will also maximize your natural experience of confidence and focused energy, so you can *show up strong* and do your best in any performing situation.

Whether you are in the business world or the arts, the professions, politics or the media - whether you are facing presentations, leadership situations, performances, auditions, interviews, exams or competitions - whether you are a professional, amateur or facing a personal situation - whether your stage fright is mild or severe, I can help.

I work with people both in person or online. These specific proprietary techniques will not only help while you are working directly with me, but ones you will learn to use anytime, anywhere. You will also find them invaluable in other areas of your life.

My background? I was a theater major in college many years ago, and had a first career as a Speech and Drama Teacher. I have been active in Toastmasters, had my "hand in" in acting, and am an avid amateur jazz vocalist.

Since graduate school, I have had a long career as a Licensed Therapist treating anxiety, phobias, and traumatic events which has given me in-depth insight as to the inner dynamics of fear and safety. I have used advanced body/mind/energy techniques in my office for nearly 20 years.

Putting all that together (and successfully conquering my own severe fear of singing), I developed a successful specialty in overcoming any kind of stage fright, performance anxiety or fear of public speaking. I have inside awareness of what stage fright really is, why people have it and what to do about it.

I offer my techniques in the book and video program, The Stage Fright Cure that is available on my website at I am "coming out of the office" so to speak to share this method beyond just one person at a time, since there are so many who are truly held back by there fears of performing and could benefit greatly.

Again, The Stage Fright Cure is not only a book that explains the cure, but a complete program with tutorial videos included that walk you through the Rapid Relief Process(tm), a cornerstone of The Stage Fright Cure.

If you, or someone you know, is limited by performance fears of any kind, I would love to help.

I am so looking forward to getting to know many of you through NAPW as time goes on, and supporting you in your personal passions and missions.

See you soon, I hope.

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