Martha Sue Yeary

The Most Dangerous Woman in Golf ... because she is changing the way we play the Game!

About Me

Martha Sue Yeary is on a quest to find Executives and Professionals who are golfers or aspiring golfers and love the GAME but are frustrated at it! After over 30 years of bringing FUN into golf, her focus now is to leverage that FUN into FINANCIAL SUCCESS by showing students how to OWN Their GAME and create the plan to have it solve their 6-Figure Income Problem!

Martha Sue is the creator of the Empowered Golfers’ Formula: a 90-day virtual golf school utilizing her licensed Instruction System that guarantees the golf student can eliminate 1/3 of their golf mistakes in 90-days. It is the world’s leading program for empowering golfers to create more fun while playing golf by eliminating the confusion that makes them want to quit, the fear from a lack of self-confidence and the frustration of not having consistency in their game. The end result … students are empowered by leveraging the exact lessons from their course to overcome the same challenges they deal with in life that they do in golf to OWN THEIR GAMES and THEIR LIVES.

Step 1: CREATING and TRUSTING their NEW GAME … overcomes their challenges. Step 2: Implement their Empowered Golfers’ Action Plan to identify and solve their 6-Figure Income Problem!

Martha Sue is the reigning LPGA Teaching Professional of the Year, elected unanimously by the prestigious International Association of Top Professionals. She is also an author, life coach, speaker and business professional. As founder & president of B.I.O.N.I.C. (Believe It Or Not I Can) Golf Pro, Inc., specializing in coaching, instruction and e-learning, she developed her B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro teaching system to answer the dream of lower scores, greater confidence and a feeling of satisfaction on the golf course. Now she is focused on using ALL of these skills to create FUN and FINANCIAL SUCCESS for her students.

Martha Sue Yeary

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