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I started up Mardigan Executive as I needed autonomy and flexibility to be able to really treat people like they deserved to be treated; like I wanted to: extra special. I figured if I had my own firm then I could be more candidate and client-centric as opposed to crunching numbers and time. You see, the initial caps of my company name “ME” signify the “ME in me, helping the ME in you.” We believe that our clear focus on increasing the growth and profitability of our clients’ business tremendously improves the quality and standards of so many lives – everyone wins in the end. Oddly enough, I didn't have initial aspirations to work in the recruitment industry, however, after being approached repeatedly by senior management who were attracted to my natural, sincere and relational interpersonal skills, I gave in and thought I would give it a try…can you tell I just love working with and helping people? Now, here I am, having my own firm, and I feel such a sense of accomplishment being able to start and run my own business AND helping the ME in you!

All the pieces of my previous roles have come together to form Mardigan Executive. I started out working for a large national bank as an Executive Assistant where I was told by the SVP that the tone of my voice and true compassion for people will be the foundation for my success. This tone of voice and compassion for people lead to me being recruited to a very large law firm; initially as Legal Assistant and then quickly promoted to Department Manager for the Legal Assistants to run their in-house staffing agency – I loved that role. But after receiving high recognition for my achievements there, I was targeted and recruited by a Regional VP of a staffing agency to start up an agency department. This experience taught me about budgets and profits and losses and marketing and operations and client satisfaction and revenue – woo-hoo! Because of the exposure and visibility the agency environment provided, Delta Airlines saw an opportunity to open their doors of opportunity to me – “role of your choice,” they said to me and I took that opportunity too. I started off as a company-wide Recruiter for the fastest growing regional airline subsidiary and was quickly tapped on the should by senior management to “apply” for the Employment Manager role – I ended up getting this role…this role was so exciting as it provided me additional skills of building an entire company within a company. Not only was I asked to lead a team of up to 50, I was asked to manage a large budget, literally design 5,000 square feet of office space, create the jobs within that department and then hire the staff to run that department, create a job posting system for the entire company AND on top of it all, hire 1,000 staff in one year! I can honestly say that with the help and tremendous support of senior leadership and my staff, we, not only accomplished this within 9 months, but we won several awards for this! That department is successfully running to this day! With tons of accomplishments under my belt, I decided from here to diversify my experience and took on the real estate market – I was called the “Renegade Realtor and Energizer Bunny.” In my first year I was in the top 10 of 185 and maintained that title throughout my tenure. Here, I was able to focus on positive results for my clients. When the market crashed, I was asked to get back into recruitment – I did and was recruited by a large national healthcare company to recruit healthcare clinicians and leadership for them While working for them, I was able to connect with like-minded compassionate people who really cared about the people they serviced – satisfying work. After working several years for this healthcare company, I received the most wonderful invitation to live and work in Australia, yes, Australia – 15, 591 miles away from home, I gave away everything and moved abroad. In addition to adapting the very conservative way of life, I was afforded the opportunity to successfully build two recruitment agencies, I met some really nice people there and took on a new accent – hello Mate! I was able to gain a phenomenal global perspective and experience and after four years later, I decided, “there’s no place like home” and, ta-dah, I’m home, happy and now, the birth of Mardigan Executive!

Throughout my career I have learned that being a successful woman is definitely something to be proud of. I joined the National Association of Professional Women because I feel it will be beneficial for me to network with other business owners and professional women in general who could benefit from the products & services that my company provides. Although I have been widely recognized and awarded, I attribute all my success to the leaders above me who have made it possible for me to have the flexibility and autonomy to be me, do me while helping others reach their career aspirations. Key to my success has also been by sharing my knowledge and best practices to those who are interested.

I have two adult children and three grandchildren whom I love dearly - family is everything to me. In addition to going to the local Humane Society to pray for the little abused and abandoned animals, I am currently in the process of starting up GBABIES - an organization who supports grandparents who are and have been alienated from seeing and having a relationship with their grandchildren.

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