Marla Perez

About Me

My name is Marla H. Perez, and I am an Accountant. I am also the business owner of JCM Accounting Services. I graduated from Kaplan University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and my skills and areas of expertise are specific to accounting services and finances. Working as an accountant allows me to help others in many different ways.
When I am able to help a person or a business with their financial needs, I feel inspired, especially when I am able to help them feel less hopeless, stressed, and scared. I feel inspired to continue helping those around me who need financial guidance so they may feel secure, stable, and stress-free. Although accounting is a passion and a huge part of my life, I also have other passions.
I am not only an accountant and business owner, I am also a wife, and a mother of three. My hobbies and interests include spending time with my family, coaching my son’s basketball team, volunteering at my sons’ school, and helping out in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). I have also been the PTA President at my sons' school for the past two years. I participate and help charitable organizations such as March of Dimes and school’s activities/organizations. All in all, my life is full of passions, and I feel blessed to not only be a career woman, but also a dedicated wife and mother.

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