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Kela Taylor is no stranger to hard work. Consciously and unapologetically, she calls herself a King. " I've been an entrepreneur for a long a time, not even realizing that I was, or what it meant to be one. I've always been self-sufficient, I wasn't the kid to ask my parents for new gym shoes, or anything, especially knowing that they really could not afford it. I wore the one pair that I would have at that current time til they began to talk to me. I'm saying that to say, Life challenges and affliction is what lead me to be where I am today. I've come very far, but I realize that I have a lifetime journey before me. "

Kela spends the majority of her time today working from home mainly to be less distracted and more focused, but most importantly to maximize her time with who she knows to genuinely love her and have her best interest, her two kids aka her Pit Mix Canines, Lil Girl & Forreal. " They're my inspiration, they give me life. I understand them and they understand me. When I cry, it's rare, but when I do they console me. "
Another key inspiration is her dad, who is currently incarcerated and was facing a double life sentence. Her love and loyalty to, and fighting for her father led her to put her job, her last 9 to 5, in jeopardy.

Insurance is the foundation of Kela's career. While working in the Insurance industry, she developed a passion for Real Estate Investing which then led to Small Business Investing. She saw potential in her then 1-year-old nieces Day Care facility where she planted a trustworthy relationship with the owners by sponsoring Holiday "Give Backs." She then later approached them with an offer to expand their business as they were outgrowing their first location. Needless to say, they accepted and that deal irrefutable to both parties. Kela saw an opportunity to grow her capital and leveraged. That's when she earned her title as Venture Capitalist. Since then, she's owned Bed & Breakfast concept businesses. Kela is now enjoying her latest, largest, and dream venture, Universal Salons and the Marke' Venue. This dream business provides work and event space to Beauty Industry Professionals.

"It's always about leverage, that's the secret. Combine your passion with your niche and you will never work again."

Kela Taylor

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