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The goal of Vibrant Vocal Power and of the Magnetize Your Message Method℠ is to help businesses and organizations develop an effective marketing strategy, even if you are just starting out, or have struggled with marketing before.

A lot of businesses and non-profits are uncertain about how to get out their message effectively and to set themselves apart from the crowd, while minimizing the cost of doing so. These struggles can include:

• Attracting enough clients, customers or donors (if you are in a non-profit)
• Becoming top-of-mind whenever your product or service is wanted
• Generating increasing numbers and size of sales or donations
• Building the strong relationships that result in repeat business
• Getting referrals from your loyal customers and raving fans
• Making effective speeches and presentations
• Networking with ease and skill

As a public speaking and networking coach, I can enable you to become comfortable with actually talking about your business or organization in situations ranging from networking events, to product presentations, to speeches in front of audiences of any size.

By combining my marketing skills and my voice acting training, I can work with you to write the copy and then create audios and videos for emails and websites, both audio and visual commercials (including jingles), and voice mail messages that attract rather than turn off the people who call.

If you have not already done so, I invite you to visit my webpage, and get your copy of my free report, Five Ways to Magnetize Your Message Using the Power of Voice; and also to check out my commercial, narrative and jingle demos, located at the bottom of every page.

My services and training are available in workshops, online webinars, group coaching and private consulting.

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