Marisol Rivera

Rodan + Field CEO Executive Consultant

About Me

Marisol is an Executive Consultant who helps women with life changing skin care and business opportunity to achieve their goals as leaders and dreamers.
In addition to her position as Executive Consultant with Rodan and Fields, Marisol is also a business owner, IT specialist and full time contractor with the U.S Coast Guard, helping men and women to build a dream beyond fear building a plan B.
Marisol believes that when a person pushes through his or her fear anything is possible. She is here to close the gap and show that anything is conceivable, even though failure.
Before starting a business in Rodan and Fields, Marisol worked 11 years as an executive assistant with the City of Riverside; working with the Mayor and City Council members along with taking several board meeting minutes. Marisol also built and created an equal gender friendly scouts throughout the City of Riverside, where both male and female ages 2-16 were able to learn together.
Marisol started her college career in 2008, receiving an AA in Humanities. She will graduate on March 3, 2019 with a Masters of Arts in English Creative Writing with a concentration in fiction. Marisol was invited by her alma mater, Walden University, for their National Society Leadership Success program and will be inducted into the program at the end of spring 2019.

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