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My name is Marion L. Hopson Hill, Ph.D. My skills, and areas of expertise, include excellent customer service management, administration, as well as instruction, and educating. I am also, a self-published author, playwright and director.

My professional title is president, and CEO, at Troupers for Christ, Inc., Troupers for Christ, is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization, specializing, in the performing arts. I received my Ph.D. in Christian Counseling, from Newburgh Theologic Seminary, and College of the Bible.

My first book is entitled Do You Know Who’s Talking To Your Child? As you read this book, you will experience or relive some things that have gone on in your lives and the lives of others in or out of your family. This is real. You will walk in the shoes of your own history. You will experience the loss and hardships in the lives of the people depicted in this story. There are children from all walks of life involved in this story and if you are not talking to your child; you can rest assured that your child is talking to somebody else and that somebody else is talking back to your child.

My hobbies and interests include: Journaling, reading and bowling. I am drawn to, and passionate about, charitable organizations, such as Troupers For Christ. Also, any other activities, encouraging children to develop positive attitudes, regarding the valuable gifts, locked inside of themselves, because God wants them to use them.

I've recently started a Women's Ministry entitled "Girl Talk." Our Mission is to simply; share our experiences, exchange ideas, and assist in discovering our purpose for being here. We also, encourage and empower every female to be the best at whatever God has assigned us to do.

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