Marina Amat

About Me

My name is Marina A. Amat, M.A., Ph.D. My skills and areas of expertise include communications. My professional title is Owner and Founder of AMAT Enterprise Associates (AMATEA, LLC) which is an information technology firm that provides specialized management and technology support to public and private sector customers. AMATEA, LLC integrates the latest social science theories and methods with state-of-the-art technologies to reach optimal solutions for all stakeholders.

AMATEA, LLC is a socially aware company that strives to bring value to and connect with all stakeholders--customers, employees, partners, communities--for the greater good of the mission and society. AMATEA, LLC is founded upon 20 years of experience in providing technology solutions to the private and public sectors and relies on the expertise of social scientists, technologists, and other specialists to customize solutions for our customers.

AMATEA, LLC is poised to respond to specialized, complex, and high visibility problems requiring an integrated, interdisciplinary, and global team. AMATEA, LLC combines specialized competencies with its societal concerns for the empowerment of local and global communities.

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