Marilyn Thorpe

professional business coach & President, NAPW Bowie chapter

About Me

I am an entrepreneur in the business coaching industry with expertise in reducing cost, "fluff" and clutter to produce efficiency. Along with finely honed skills in resume building and critiquing, I also work with clients on image-building and career growth and development.

I am also proud to be NAPW's Bowie chapter president, managing over 600 members and leading the chapter's board in developing programs designed to grow and enhance our group.

My business clients enjoy my holistic approach to business and career development. I use a variety of coaching methodologies and evaluations, and apply realistic marketing approaches. In conjunction with these, I conduct workshops and seminars on transitioning into self-employment, entrepreneurship and business ownership.

I enjoy coaching business groups and teams, and encouraging them to produce high-performance results. Together we develop and consolidate business plans from concept to inception, including marketing plans for business growth and sustainability, applying custom-tailored educational tools, coaching techniques and other methods to guide clients in selecting a path that best suits them in their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity ("ILWE") goals. With us you will learn how to achieve maximum results from your business by using proven sound principles.

Whether yours is a start-up or an established business, we can design and help you implement a solid business plan to assist you as you increase revenue through measured change, realistic innovation, empowerment and accountability. We provide similar services in the form of workshops for adults and teens alike in the areas of career planning, job transition and job search techniques.

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