Marilyn Hasty Emslander

About Me

I have always been a creative seamstress, but just in the past year became interested in working with leather. I approached a local craftsman about becoming an apprentice, however he no desire to have someone else working with him. After a few more weeks I decided I could teach my self. I did some research and spoke to a wonderful lady in St Louis who was more then willing to help me get started. I purchased the leather and tools I needed and started practicing. In just a couple of weeks the business “Emily” formed and I made my first sales call. I have worn scarves as belts for years, as have many women, which was the inspiration for my first design. The Mia belt puts a sophisticated twist on an old favorite. Since then I have created many more designs, which are available on my Etsy web site and a few local dress shops. I'm so excited to share my design ideas.
Between my business, volunteering and my three dogs, I stay busy and healthy.

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